Setting goals for yourself will motivate you, but how do you do that with staff members? How can you set goals for them? Well, why not let them set their own goals? This is a little tip you can use to get your forum staff to make their own goals.

Works Best for Brand New Staff Members

First thing you must realize is that this trick works best on new staff members. Older staff members might not take it very seriously, so try it on all your new staff members.

What You Do

After you have found a likely candidate for a staff member position on your forum, ask them to have an interview with you on the forum. You will publish this interview for everyone to see, which puts pressure on the new staff member. Basically, you will be asking the new staff member what they will bring to the forum, how they plan on being there, etc. They will be giving you the answers, and due to the nature of being “new” they will most likely set reasonable goals and standards for themselves, basically to impress you even more.

Possible Questions

  • How active do you plan on being (daily, weekly, etc.)?
  • What are your current plans on helping the forum?
  • How often will you produce something for the forum? (If a resource staff or someone who needs to produce some work for the forum)
  • Why did you want to become staff on the forum?
  • Why were you the best candidate for this position? (They already have the position, so ask them to explain why they were the best choice)
  • Are you ready to get to work on the forum?

Notice how all these questions forces them to set standards/goals for themselves. If they start to have lower activity on the forum then you can refer to this 9ja news interview and say, “Hey, what’s up? You’re not keeping up with what you said you would do.” It creates a healthy tension for the staff member and since they created it themselves, they cannot fairly complain.

Why It Will Work Better for Newer Staff

As I said before, it will work better for newer staff because they have that pressure of being new, therefore they will give you a pretty good standard for all 9janews these questions. They are still trying to show you that they are the best candidate, but now they must show the rest of the Naijatab Newsnaija forum. It’s a good pressure to have on your staff members and it can work out very well!