Different people have different ways of defining success; some base it on acquiring tangible assets like a car, house, or money, while others measure it by their level of happiness and contentment in life. For entrepreneur Michael Candelario, it means being able to set clear goals and seeing them through regardless of the hardships and challenges that will come a person's way.

This mindset has helped him achieve great success and happiness in his life. He was able to finish his degree, and he was able to build a loving and happy relationship, as well as create a lucrative enterprise that he is passionate about. However, the successful business owner did not achieve all of these things overnight. He had to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. 

The thirty-eight-year-old businessman from Phoenix, Arizona, has always been fascinated with problem-solving ever since he was young. His innate entrepreneurial instincts combined with his passion for continuous learning have solidified his inclination for business. He then decided to spend his time and energy accumulating and honing a wide set of skills in system creation, corporate strategy, and many others. Finding his passion early on, paired with his tenacity and diligence, has been instrumental in the success of the young man's endeavors. 

As someone who values education, he completed his higher education at the University Wisconsin – School of Business studying Real Estate Urban Land and Economics. While still in school, he also started the ball rolling in his entrepreneurial ventures and founded several startups. Currently, he runs MAC Property Solutions, which specializes in real estate and Nother Mother, an organization that manufactures multivitamins.

His first brainchild, MAC Property Solutions, is an all-around real estate company that focuses on providing homeowners property solutions on any real estate needs they might have. Taking on a wide array of projects, from flipping distressed properties to selling and renting out properties, has allowed the venture to cater to a broad clientele. With thirteen years of experience in the field under Michael Candelario's leadership, MAC Property Solutions has become a trusted name in the real estate industry.

The established entrepreneur also owns Nother Mother, a multivitamin company that manufactures organic gummy bears. The all-natural supplements are loaded with nutritional value and provide an enjoyable way for young children to meet their daily recommended vitamin intake. It also has other types of products made for adults, such as immunity boosters, sleep aids, organic multivitamins, and many more.

What makes Nother Mother stand out from the competition is its own unique recipe which has been developed by a select panel of experts. Throughout the development of the formula, the highest level of attention is given so that the optimal flavor, nutritional value, and overall health benefits are achieved.

In the future, Michael Candelario wishes to steadily grow his business ventures and start new projects. His impressive accomplishments are proof that never losing sight of one's goal and putting in the effort and work to reach those dreams is a tried and tested path to success.