Did you know that you spend around 6.25 years of your life on periods? That is almost like 6.25 years without sex if you are never game for period romp session. You really do not have to forget about your sex life during that time of the month. Period sex can feel better than normal sex but just in case you are worried about staining your sheets, there are ways to hack your sex life to make sex during periods less messy. Here's how!

Try Blindfolding

If looking at blood makes you feel a little queasy, avoid looking at it. Blindfold sex is not only fun but it helps you focus on the sensations rather than the mess. This is a great way to get your mind out of the pool of blood spouting from your vagina.

Use a Soft Menstrual Cup

A soft, disposal menstrual cup can prevent your guy from even knowing that you are on period. It just wraps around your cervix and hangs out up there to keep your menstruation a mystery.  It can only make your partner feel like he is bumping into something squishy. Sex Query of the Week: Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe? Can Sperm Inside a Pregnant Woman Cause Miscarriage? Everything You Want to Know.

Make Your Partner Hold You Up Against A Wall

Up against the wall is not only hot but if you can pull it off it can prevent you from making your sheets a mess. Just be mindful if you are sharing a wall with any room-mate.

Have Sex in the Shower

Showers are created for period sex with the water washing away all evidence of the period like it never happened. You surely do not need to worry about the blood which drops on the easily-washable tiles. Sex Tip of the Week: Opting for Period Sex? Advantages and Tips for Having Intercourse While on Menstruation.

Have Sex Doggy Style

Doggy style can feel especially great during periods. Period sex is even more primal than normal sex so why not take advantage and go for doggy style? This will not only keep your vagina the bed but also let your partner control how deep or slow the thrusting is.

Tweak the Missionary Position

To make missionary less messy, have him kneel on the bed, hook your ankles over his shoulders until your hips and buttocks are completely lifted off the bed. This does not only make your romp session mess-free but also stretch your hamstrings, making it a great yoga move.

Move to the Edge

If you do not want to stain your bed sheet, simply move to the edge.  Your partner can give you pleasure whichever way they want without you really having to worry about staining. Period Pain, Migraine or Bloating, How to Beat 8 Menstrual Problems For Good!

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your sex life just because you're on your period. So just get a room and enjoy!

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