Sex underwater, especially in swimming pools, seems very sexy- the idea of it- but when it comes to practicality... things are a bit different. In terms of having sex in the water, swimming pools are definitely your biggest enemy, and not just because there is a very high chance that someone may catch you but even infections!!! Also, don't forget how filthy the pools actually are!  XXX Video of Couple Having Sex in Transparent Balcony Plunge Pool In Full Display of a Crowd Goes Viral!

Despite the pool cleaners' best efforts to maintain high standards of hygiene, some people will always disobey the regulations, contaminating the water with bacteria. If you are planning on having sex in a pool, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Condoms. Don't. Work. Under. Water.

If you're trying to wear a condom, water is not your friend. You will struggle to keep it on while submerged, and it will become useless.

Body is More Buoyant Underwater

You will feel light as air underwater. This causes difficulty in terms of positions that you might otherwise easily be able to do on a dry surface.

Water is Dry!

Water, even though being a wet substance, isn't greasy like store-bought or natural lubrication. Only water acts dry and may create friction when you try to have sex.

Higher Chance of Infection

Chemically treated water can change the vagina's normal pH and raise the risk of vaginal infections, including yeast infections, if it enters the vagina.

STIs Remain a Threat

No, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are not killed by chlorine, salt, or any other pool chemicals! It's still possible for STIs to spread through bodily fluids or skin-to-skin contact.

Pregnancy Risk

Contrary to popular opinion, having intercourse when submerged increases the likelihood of becoming pregnant precisely like it does when done on land.

The takeaway here is that penetrative sex is best reserved for dry surfaces and if at all you wish to have sex underwater, make sure to be extremely careful. There are more don'ts than dos when it comes to having sex underwater.

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