On World Tourism Day 2018, Learn Some Tips to Travel on a Shoestring Budget in India
Traveling tips (Photo credits: Pexels, Porapak Apichodilok)

Almost every person has this dream of travelling across the world and exploring the beautiful places, experience the charm of nature as well as man-made tourist spots. But if there is one thing that comes as a constant hurdle between you and your dream is money. Money is the biggest factor when planning your holidays, domestic or international. But before we all venture across the borders, there are a lot of places to be explored in India itself. India has some gem of places which can be covered on a shoestring budget. September 27 is celebrated as World Tourism day, a day to mark the overgrowing field of travel, on this day lets learn some tips to make better travel plans. Travelling Alone? Here Are 4 Must Visit Destinations For Solo Women Travelers. 

A budgeted travel need not be one that misses out on the very experiences to be cherished in a place. If you plan well in advance and go according to a schedule, travel on a shoestring budget is very much achievable within the country. How to Pack Nutritious & Healthy Meals When Travelling? Tips to Follow for a Guilt-Free Trip.

Here are some tips for Traveling on a Shoestring Budget in India:

Research about the place: 

Before you decide upon a place to travel to, find out everything that you can about it. The basic include the accessibility and the best time to go visit there. Know all what, when and how of the place. Know about the local language of the place. Although you are in India, Hindi works but there are some places where Hindi is not the primary language of communication, especially in the interiors. So your strong research is a must.

Fix your budget:

To make a budget trip, fix your budget. And make a realistic budget according to the number of days you are planning to travel. Rs 10,000- Rs 15,000 is fine if you are planning for a 5-day or a week-long trip, again depending upon a place. But if you are planning for a good 10 to 15-day break, then your budget also needs to comparatively higher.

Travel in the offseason:

The best way to save on accommodation and travel is to head during the offseason. Yes, there may be specific months for a place but you can probably explore it better if there is less crowd. For ex: A place like Goa can also be well-explored in the early start of the monsoon as compared to the year-end when the rates will obviously be high. Planning Your Holidays? These are the Best Pictured Indian Tourist Destinations on Instagram.

Go local:

If you want to get a real feel for the place then be connected to the locals than staying at exotic resorts and fancy hotels. Check if there are homestays in the location compared to the luxe hotels and accommodation. This way you also get a taste of the local food and understand more about the place.


Well, we Indians are known for our ridiculous yet amazing bargaining skills. Put them to use on your trip, because once you portray yourself as an unaware tourist you are going to be looted. Be it while shopping or taking local cab/rickshaw rides, learn to bargain reasonably.

Travel in a group:

Although solo-travel may seem the in-thing right now, it is better if you travel in a group to maintain your budget. When you are in a group of four or more, your expenses are also well-divided, not making you feel the pinch of spending too much at one go. In this case, however, note every penny that you spend so that the calculation becomes easier at the end.

Explore the unexplored:

The best way to travel cheap and reasonable is to head to some hidden gems and there are many in the country. If you go to a non-touristy place with proper planning, you will definitely end up saving more of the buck. Offbeat locations have more chances of exploration and you will also come back learning more things than known.

Follow some of these tips and we guess you will be sorted for a budget-friendly travel. Your research needs to be very strong before you actually head out there. So take some time in pre-planning, chalk it out and then execute. Wish you guys, happy travelling!