Travel Tip of The Week: 5 Ways to Survive Long-Haul Flights
How to survive long distance flights (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Travelling to places farther from your homeland sounds convincing at one go but you cannot do away with the travel fatigue that comes along. Going to farther places also means long flights. And you cannot avoid the jet lag that's gonna follow. Surviving through the long flights is quite a task and as much as you may hate it, you definitely cannot avoid it if you want to reach your destination. And to make the long haul flights seem less like torture, we give you some travel tips that one must always keep in mind. Want to Book Cheaper Flight Tickets? Follow These Simple Tricks for Budget-Friendly Travel.

Tips to Survive Long Haul Flights

Pre-book Your Seat

Some airlines might charge you extra for pre-booking your seat but do it. If you love the window seat or the aisle seat, mark your spot when you book your tickets. The middle seat in airplanes is one of the most uncomfortable spots you'd find yourself during a long distance flight. So choose a  seat that is comfortable for you.

Try Getting an Upgrade

If you are a frequent flyer and have gathered enough points, it is best to use them on your long flights. It is probably the only way long-distance flights may seem comfortable and you would not even feel the jetlag since you get ample space to relax, stretch and sleep.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Don't fall into the trap of airport fashion while you are travelling. Wear the most comfortable clothes, track pants and a tee or a loose dress. But always carry a jacket or a scarp along as it will get cold in the plane. Layer yourself well and choose closed shoes. Being at comfort is important when you are travelling on long flights. 5 Travel Fashion Accessories to Make a Style Statement on The Go.

Bring Your Own Entertainment 

Watching movies, series or reading books is the best way to kill your time of a long distance flight. Although most flights have the in-flight entertainment service you may not always get the desired choice. It is better you carry your own iPad, laptop or a Kindle that has your choices loaded. Ensure that you are carrying fully charged devices or have extra batteries with you.

Carry The Right Accessories 

Irrespective of your flight being long or a short distance, always carry the right travel accessories. Carry noise cancellation headphones, eye masks, pillow etc. These are small things that you cannot forget whenever you are travelling on flights. These accessories will make your long journeys seem relatively better.

These are a few things that one must keep in mind while travelling on long flights. Do not let the tiring journey affect your mood for the vacay ahead. Be nice and await the destination rather than getting cranky about the flight journey. We hope you have pleasant long flights. Happy Travelling!