Travel Tip of the Week: Know About India's Mysterious Hide and Seek Beach in Odisha
Chandipur beach (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Do you love visiting the beaches? Walking through the sands, feeling the breeze, playing along the waves and just enjoying the lovely atmosphere along a beachfront is one of the best feelings, right? But what if a beach disappears in front of you? The vast body of water which seems extending into the horizon can never really disappear, unless you are Odisha in India. There is a hide and seek beach in the state of Odisha in India. The sea is unique because at regular periods the water disappears in and reappears again. Travel Tip of The Week: 7 Haunted Places in India and Their Spooky Horror Tales.

In Odisha's Balasore village is a small town of Chandipur. The beach here has to be one of the most unique beaches in the world, as when the water recedes during a low tide, one cannot make out it is a beach at all! The beach water goes in to as much as 5 kilometers per day! And during the high tide, it fills up again, looking like a beach again. So if you spend hours around the ebb of the beach, you can actually experience the hide and seek of the beach here.

The timings of the tides are based on the moon cycle so while visiting one should be really careful and aware about the high tide and low tide cycle of the day. Since the water fills up too fast during the high tide, not many tourists come around here as there is always the danger of waves washing off. So this unique property of the hide and seek beach Chandipur beach is still not known to many. It is quiet possible that if you pay a visit to the beach one day then on the next day at the different time, it may not be there at all! Interesting right? Travel Tip of The Week: From Visa Balaji to Visa Hanuman, These Temples Are Known to Fulfill Dreams to Travel Abroad.

How to Reach Chandipur Beach?

Chandipur is located about 200km away from Odisha's capital city Bhubaneshwar. You can take a train from Bhubaneshwar upto Balasore Station. Balasore is nearest to the town of Chandipur, about 10-12 km away. You can also take a road trip from Bhubaneshwar to Balasore which is about 200 km.

One of the reasons, that Chandipur beach is known for is the beach combing activity. It means you will find a great variety of seashells, pearls and unique stones too. Also there is a great variety of biodiversity that can be seen on the sea bed once the water recedes. Red coloured crabs and horse shoe crabs are said to scurry around the seabed. The high tide waters bring along with it some fishes which are in the deeper waters. So if you want to observe the vast sea disappear and reappear in front of your eyes, then you should plan a trip to Odisha's Chandipur Hide and Seek beach.