It is time for another Indian festival that is enthusiastically celebrated in the country. The festival of colours Holi will be celebrated on March 20 and March 21. And there are quite some places in the country which are worth a visit, especially for Holi. The festival of Holi itself asks for such fun and frolic with colours, that in places where it is celebrated widely, the vibe altogether is different. If you are going about to experience this crazy festival of colours in some of the most famous spots, then you should be well-prepared. The enthusiasm for bringing in the festivities will certainly be there but you should also pay extra attention to your packing. If you are an ardent photographer, then you must carry all your equipment safely. We give you some travel tips to keep in mind before heading out to travel and celebrate Holi 2019! Brij Holi 2019 Dates and Calendar: Know The Schedule of Holi Festival Celebrations in Religious Towns of Mathura and Vrindavan in UP.

Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling in India for Holi Festival

  • Pack light and pack right. Since your main agenda of this is going to be about revelling in the festivities of colours, don't stress upon carrying your best outfits. Carry your old clothes and have an extra set. Do not overload your luggage if you are travelling alone.
  • If you are a foreign traveller, remember you will attract extra attention. As much curiousity, you have about the culture and this festival, even the locals will have about you. So don't fret but get along with them and look for authentic guides who will show you and explain about the different traditions. Holi 2019 Special Trains by Indian Railways: Check Names and Schedule at
  • If you are going to a new place, best is head there 2 days in advance and get to know about the important things nearby. Get along with the locals in a manner that they can help you in any need. It is always better to know someone local then you head out completely on your own. Look for medical shops, hotels, in the nearby area.
  • Carry a good pair of sunglasses. The colours used in Holi are toxic and can damage your eyes if you are not careful. So always have a good pair of sunglasses which covers your entire eye frame.
  • Always have a scarf or a handkerchief with you, either in your bag or pockets. In case of the colours entering your eyes or mouth, you must have a clean cloth handy to wipe it out.
  • In case you are travelling alone, be careful of what you drink and eat, especially the bhang. Bhang is a cannabis-infused drink specially prepared during Holi. It gives a strong high and thus you may want to stay away from it.
  • Do not carry or wear any valuable jewellery. It is best to keep your accessories back at the hotel before you step out to play and be a part of the celebrations. To keep your money and mobile phone, carry a thick plastic cover.
  • Since you are heading to a place to celebrate, there is bound to be a lot of crowds. Remember your safety is in your hands. So while you happily indulge in dancing and jumping around, be vigil of your surroundings.
  • Lastly, just enjoy yourself! Make memories of celebrating in a new place and we are sure it will be a fun experience if you play it safe. Holi 2018: The Best Place to Feel the Vibe of This Festival is in Uttar Pradesh, Here's Why! 

So are you ready to get into the dash of colours and get all splashed in the water this Holi? Enjoy the festival in traditions and you will also get a lot to learn about the local cultures of the country. We hope the above travel tips help you to make a nice and enjoyable trip for this Holi 2019. Wish you all safe travels and Happy Holi!

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