Nursing home and assisted living facility negligence is all too common in America today. It’s something that has been going on for as long as the practice has existed, and perhaps no one knows about it better than Will Sarubbi. Sarubbi, a graduate of Florida State and Stetson University College of Law, specializes in helping victims of nursing home abuse and assisted living facility negligence. He became an early member of Senior Justice Law Firm, a firm started by his law partner, Michael Brevda, and has overseen the firm’s incredible growth as it has fulfilled the duty of seeking justice for victims of nursing home abuse and assisted living facility negligence.

Sarubbi has sadly seen it all in his time working for Senior Justice. He knows that even the simplest circumstances can result in catastrophe. “If a resident, who can’t move without assistance, needs to use the restroom, and he/she is hitting the call light,” Sarubbi explained, “But facility staff is not responding, the resident is forced to move, alone.”

This will often lead to preventable falls inside of the facility, as many of these residents do not have the balance or body strength to fulfill simple tasks like walking or toileting independently. Falls can result in serious injuries, like broken bones and brain bleeds, and even death depending on where the severity of the injury is or how long it takes for the resident to receive help.

Such a simple thing as the need for staff assistance to use the restroom can turn into a preventable tragedy, and some facilities do not take these situations seriously. Oftentimes, residents are allowed to wander freely throughout the facilities, which often results in life-threatening injury due to lack of staff and supervision required to meet the resident's needs.

“I'm glad you aren’t familiar with what a bedsore or pressure injury is,” Sarubbi told us, “They are cavernous holes that form in a resident’s body because there is so much pressure on a resident’s body part, like a tailbone or heel.”

Bedsores often occur, as the name implies, when a resident is left without movement in their beds or chairs for long periods of time. Points of pressure build, and this is where gruesome injuries can form. They are dreadfully painful, and can lead to life threatening infection or death if appropriate care and safety measures are not implemented. These, sadly, are another extremely common circumstance inside of long-term care facilities.

"Assisted living facility negligence is more common than ever due to an illusion of safety promised to victims and families," emphasized Sarubbi.

When those relatives with dementia aren’t watched properly, it inevitably results in that dreaded phone call home. That’s what it all boils down to: negligence.

“If proper supervision was practiced in all assisted living facilities, many residents in our communities would be alive today,” Sarubbi stated. This is why Sarubbi wants to hold negligent facilities accountable, to achieve justice for victims and their families, as well as aiming to reduce preventable incidents in the future.

"When I'm hired," Sarubbi explained, "I carry an awesome responsibility to seek the truth and to hold facility owners accountable. At a minimum, I strive to give my clients’ answers and the closure they deserve.”

Through thorough investigation and passion for what they do, this is the baseline for the Senior Justice Law Firm, and why resident victims and families trust them all throughout the country.

Will Sarubbi is a partner at Senior Justice Law Firm, a nationally recognized law firm specializing in nursing home and assisted living abuse litigation. Mr. Sarubbi is AV Preeminent. Rated by Martindale-Hubbell, receiving the highest rating from other members of the bar and judiciary on his professional excellence and ethics. Mr. Sarubbi has also earned accolades from Super Lawyers, Florida Trend Legal Elite, Palm Beach Illustrated and National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 as a top-rated nursing home abuse lawyer.