#MerryChristmasJustin Trends on Twitter to Raise Awareness on 22q Syndrome! Who Is Justin? Know Everything About His Medical Condition
Justin Gigliotti (Photo Credits: @Syndrome22q/ Twitter)

The holiday season has arrived, and we exactly have a month for Christmas 2019 to celebrate. Do you have any specific plan for this year? What one thing will you wish for Santa to fulfil this Christmas? For most of us, it could be anything general or something that we so wanted to happen this year and hope that we achieve it in the upcoming days. But for Twitter user, Justin Gigliotti things are a little different. All he wants this year is to get an early Christmas wishes from his followers and everyone else across the world to wish him Merry Christmas. Yes, you read that right. But who is Justin? Why or what difference does a Christmas wish from a stranger can mean to him? Well, it could have a more significant impact on Justin. The 23-year-old has a medical condition known as 22Q Syndrome. Twitter users are kind enough to fulfil his wish as they trend #MerryChristmasJustin on the social media platform. Astigmatism vs Normal Vision: Viral Image on Twitter Claims to Diagnose the Vision Condition, Here’s the TRUTH!

“My Name is Justin i have a disability and all i want for Christmas this year is to get millions of chirstmas wishes thats all i really want for christmas this year by using the hashtag below #MerryChristmasJustin lets see if we can make this gift come true by xmas! Retweet,” tweeted Justin alongside a video where he speaks about his condition. What’s a Rare Disease? Here are 6 Strange Diseases You’ve never Heard of Before!

Watch the Video:

Twitter was quick to make his wish fulfilled. In no time we could see #MerryChristmasJustin trend online. It could be little early wishes for you, but extremely okay with the Twitterati and the Christmas wishes mean a world to Justin. People even thanked him for raising awareness on 22q Syndrome.

All Justin Wants is Christmas Wishes!

People Thank Him for Raising Awareness on 22q Syndrome:

Oh Sure!

Merry Christmas Justin:

Have a Great Holiday Season!

What is 22q Syndrome?

22q Syndrome is one of that rare syndrome you have heard of. Also called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, it is a disorder caused by a defect in chromosome 22. According to the 22q Family Foundation, it is a disorder caused by a small missing piece of 22nd chromosome. This missing portion of chromosome 22 can affect every system in the human body. Often time, it is not diagnosed or recognised as the cause of a child’s health or development issues for years, noted the site. 22q Syndrome is believed to be the second most common genetic disorder behind Down’s Syndrome, yet most have never heard of it. There is no cure, but treatments can usually address critical health concerns.

Justin runs a YouTube channel through which he initiates awareness among his subscribers about the syndrome and how life with the syndrome is. If you haven’t wished Merry Christmas to Justin yet, tweet out quickly and make his holiday a memorable one.