Chile Military Parade With Puppies! Watch Video of Adorable Police Golden Retrievers Who Stole the Show & Hearts
Chile Military Parade With Puppies (Photo Credits: YouTube Screengrab)

The tiniest of Chile’s soldiers, the cutest of all, stole the show at the country’s annual military parade. Unlike usual procession, a group of nine golden retriever puppies paraded along with the humans and fully-grown dogs to commemorate Chile’s 208th yearly Independence Day. Seeing the sight of the 45-day-old puppies as the newest members of the national police force, anybody’s heart will melt, and one can go ‘awww’ over and over again. In the video, which is going viral, you can see the adult Labradors wearing special shoes and the pups in a special neon green pouches, which will keep them warm during the early morning event. Golden Retriever as Mayor! Californian Town Elected a Dog, View Cute Pics of Max. 

Their little heads snuggled out, excited, tongues lolling, sleepy and absolute puzzled, these pups would grow up to become the adult police dogs. A uniformed officer led each dog; but all eyes were on the little canines, they already know how to be awesomely cute. According to local media reports, more than 9,500 troops marched for the Great Military Parade held in Santiago’s O’Higgins Park. As 'Golden Retriever Egg Challenge' Becomes Internet Trend, Vets Say it is Dangerous For Dogs. 

Watch video of Chile military parade with golden retriever puppies.

Chile’s Military Parade at O’Higgins Park has been a tradition for more than half a century which attracts millions of viewers around the country. This is not the first time that spectators were treated with such adorable parades. The canine first debut was in 2008 where they completed their marchpast. These little ones are not just puppies, but future guards on the border of Chile. Both Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are currently serving with Chile’s police and are in the army.