Golden Retriever as Mayor! Californian Town Elected a Dog, View Cute Pics of Max
Mayor Max of Idyllwild (Photo credits: Facebook/Mayor Max)

Some dog owners are successful in training their dogs to do some basic chores. Like picking up a bag, getting some stuff around the house or guarding is something that we have been accustomed to seeing dogs do. But now imagine people taking a lot of important decisions concerning the town on the basis of a dog. No kidding, but a Californian town of Idyllwild elected a Golden Retriever named Max to be their mayor! As 'Golden Retriever Egg Challenge' Becomes Internet Trend, Vets Say it is Dangerous For Dogs. 

In the year 2012, Idyllwild had elections for the mayor for the first time and they chose a really good boy to head the post. This town is non-incorporated, so they are not eligible for proper municipal elections. So the town utilised their chance and voted for a Golden Retriever. Trusted vote, right? Max's title read Maximus Might Dog Mueller II and it wasn't a day or a week thing. Max was in office for 5 years! If No One, Your Pooch will Sure Rush to Wipe Your Tears. 

It was actually his uncle who became the first mayor of the town. Talking about the unusual election, Phyllis Mueller, among the staff of Max said in a report, "You had to be a local resident, but you couldn't run yourself, you could run your pet. In a voted election, 14 dogs and two cats ran and we decided to have an election to raise money for the animal rescue. So you paid $1 a vote and you were encouraged to vote a lot." So now Mayor Max moves about in the town in his own truck and watches out of the window. 

Check adorable pictures of Mayor Max:

Mayor Max with children (Photo credits: Facebook/Mayor Max)

Mayor Max enjoys his car ride (Photo credits: Facebook/Mayor Max)

Mayor Max enjoys his car ride (Photo credits: Facebook/Mayor Max)

Mayor Max enjoys his car ride (Photo credits: Facebook/Mayor Max)

So, Mayor Max is present at public appearances and ribbon cutting ceremonies. His duties include to promote the mountain community, support commissioners in their projects, be present at community events such as festivals and parades. As a dog member, he has to speak on the behalf of the animals in the mountains, pets and strays. Mueller says, "His role is to make the world a better place by conveying unconditional love and doing as many good deeds for others." Well, isn't it adorable to have a dog running around the town, and doing his municipal duties?