Diwali 2019: Types of People You Should Avoid At Any Cost to Not Ruin Your Festive Celebrations
Diwali Selfie (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The Diwali cheer is in the air and so are the lights. While the preparation of all the festivities is in full swing, the looming fear of unwanted encounters with a few people tag along. Some fear the people who burst crackers in full swing while others fear the neighbourhood aunty who comes over only to scrutinise the Diwali decorations. The list of undesirable people is long. To ensure that you have the best Diwali, we put together a list of annoying people you should avoid at any cost.

1. The Serial Gambler

We all have that one friend who comes to the party with the sole purpose of hustling you in a game of teen patti. Stay away from such people if you do not want to ruin your Diwali night. Plus, Diwali is the best time for discounts so why put your money in the wrong place?

2. The One Who Is Just There for Pictures

In the day and age of social media, we care more about increasing followers on Instagram. So it is not unlikely to have a few people in the house who are more concerned about clicking pictures instead of spending more time with friends and family. Diwali 2019 Gift Ideas: Budget-Friendly Things Under Rs 500 Which Will Make For Good Deepavali Presents

3. The Cracker-Happy Face

While you may strive hard to spread the word about noise-free Diwali, some people think that it is appropriate to burst crackers. Why be with people who do not care about scarring the pets and tearing apart your eardrums?

4. The Daredevil

Again it is not unusual to find mavericks who are not satisfied with the Diwali crackers and try to experiment by throwing sutli bombs in the air and many other unnecessary daredevil activities. They not only take away your peace of mind but they are extremely hazardous to the birds. Diwali 2019: Only Phuljhari and Anar Will Be Legal This Dipavali As These Are The Only Green Crackers Available in Market

5. The Over-The-Top Person

It is okay to go a little over the top during Diwali but some people like to adorn the house with blinding lights every night. The blinding lights can trigger seizures, so avoid going to such homes at any cost.

6. The Boozer

Some people think that the only way to celebrate is to empty that bottle of scotch. While you will not participate in all the drinking, you will surely not tolerate anyone making inappropriate comments on your guests. Diwali 2019 Gift Ideas: From Makhana Pops to Dates, Healthiest Food Hampers to Gift Your Loved Ones This Festival of Lights.

7. The 'I Hate Diwali' Friend

It is completely okay if they hate firecrackers, but spoiling your fun by blabbering negative things about the festival is not acceptable. Maybe they would be a better fit for your birthday party but not your Diwali celebrations.

And finally, keep your shades ready for the people who blind you with all the gold in your Diwali party. We understand that they made the most of the throwaway prices on Dhanteras, but who dons Bappi Lahiri?