Doctor Faheem Younus who works in Bel Air, the United States as a frontline warrior has taken to Twitter saying that he receives hate tweets from all quarters aiming at his beliefs and cultural identity. He has explained the hate he receives for his ethnicity and religious beliefs. While working at the forefront amid COVID-19, he took to Twitter explaining how he is trolled by people belonging to different countries and religious backgrounds. Younus in a series of tweets wrote, "Indians for being a Muslim, Pakistanis for being an Ahmadi, Americans for being Scientific, Others for being an American! While the doctor says he "embraces all ethnicities, there is a little talking needed on the topic. Indian Doctor Vedang Desai Tweets His First-Hand Experience Inside Exclusive COVID-19 Testing and Treating Facility; Says ‘With Each Negative Result, My Smile Widens Mile-Long’.

Addressing Indians he says one should be judged on the basis on their faith. Younus shares it with a video of friends who got separated during the India and Pakistan's partition. However, the friends who are of different faiths, one is Hindu and the other being Muslim, meet with the help of technology.

Dr Faheem Younus on Hate From All Quarters:


Dr Faheem Younus on Tweet Addressing Indians:

In the third tweet addressing Pakistanis, he tells people of his motherland to grow and learn by facts and to not believe in propaganda which is merely for political gains. He posted the tweet with a video of Pakistani poet Ahmad Faraz reciting his poem.

Tweet Addressing Pakistanis to Not Fall For Political Propaganda:

The next tweet questions Americans who are politicising a virus over "facemasks or hydroxychloroquine". He tells the people to not question scientists who are trying their best to create a vaccine for this disease.

Tweet to Americans:


To Those Who Judge Him For Being an American:

The doctor addresses people who hate him for being an American, he tells them to not judge them by politics or COVID management, instead visit the US to meet Americans and knows its people.

Haters are more than plenty on social media platforms and addressing them, Younus says to stop the hate as they are few.  He ends by saying that he wishes health and prosperity to everyone.

Here's Something to People Who Will Hate No Matter What:

Younus' tweets were quick to go viral with tweets supporting the doctor for his viewpoints. One of the Twitter user wrote, "Sir, I am an Indian and feel proud that someone humane and sensible like you comes from my neighbourhood. Only and only love and respect for you, and everyone like you doing the biggest service to humanity in the present times." Many such tweets thanking the doctor for sharing his heart at such a crucial time have flooded his comment box.

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