Gianluca Vacchi, Italian Millionaire Playboy Films Himself Spanking Bums of Bikini-Clad Models, Internet Is Not Impressed With His Distasteful Video
Gianluca Vacchi (Photo Credits: gianlucavacchi/ Instagram)

Gianluca Vacchi, best described as a multi-millionaire playboy who floors his Instagram with videos of himself dancing with scantily-clad women, is making headlines again. While his social media account is a treat to his more than 13 million followers, a recent video of Vacchi is creating an uproar online. The 52-year-old filmed himself spanking the bums of bikini-clad models in his private yacht. However, the viral clip has outraged social media users, and they slammed Vacchi for his distasteful post. Some of them called the video “demeaning” and that his behaviour suggested a lack of respect towards women. Dan Bilzerian Lives an Exotic Life! These Instagram Pictures and Videos Shows Sexy World of The Bad Man of Internet. 

The heavily tattooed man, Vacchi has experimented in entrepreneurship, but spent most of his time dancing in his underwear with supermodels, at least that’s what his Instagram account suggests. In the recent video, the 52-year-old man, can be seen dancing to his new song ‘Mueve’ abroad a yacht. Soon, the Instagrammer joins four beauties and spanking their bottoms along to the track.

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Vacchi’s video did not impress everyone. One person commented, “You talk about respect life, but you have no respect for life it is obvious and less for women. The same way these girls don't respect themselves.” Another said, “Well... sorry but this is not showing any respect for women’s body. I follow you because you are positive and a happy person but this definitely not cool.” The Italian was quick to respond to criticisms, “I respect them a lot; learn to joke if you wanna respect life.”

The 52-year-old has recently dipped his toes into a career in music. His recent release to the club track ‘Mueve’ has gained enough praises among his followers. Vacchi’s Instagram account is full of videos showing off his wealth, mostly surrounding himself with beauties.