Heat Wave Memes, Jokes Spread Across Twitter As Europe and UK Swelter in Record High Temperature
Heatwave in Europe (Photo Credits: twitter.com/ericboogaard)

It’s no secret the temperature is going up by the second. The heatwave in Europe has gone viral after people shared their struggles and memes on social media to let people know what they’re dealing with. For tourists, vacation to Europe turned out to be a disaster. Locals and tourists were forced to take a dip in the Eiffel Tower fountains to cool off. The temperature is on the rise and Europe can meet with hotter days ahead. Twitter took this as an opportunity to share reactions and memes and they’re hilarious even in this scorching time. Europe Heat Wave Reaches Sweltering Levels, List of Cities Across Continent Which Witnessed Record High Temperatures.

Here are our top memes from twitter to make you chuckle at our burning misery. Heat Wave in Europe: Paris Swelters at 42.6 Degrees Celsius As Temperatures Hit Blistering Peak.


It's the Ring!

Too Exhausted to Function

We Feel Ya

Don’t Be Embarrassed. We Know This Happens

Shower or Sweat?

Maybe Life Hack

If You're Wondering

Or Humans

Spongebob Memes FTW

Sun Please

Pupper Out!

Homer Knows Best

Kinda Ready

Cat No Like

No matter what occasion, Twitter manages to come through with hilarious memes. This might not be a fun time for people in Europe but every situation gets better with the help of memes.