The internet is a funny place and to add to our entertainment online are the memes. Anyone who scrolls a lot on the internet would know the latest meme trends and format. In the past two days, a meme format sees excessive use of the finger point emoji. It basically uses all the skin-toned emojis of pointing fingers and there is a certain object/ smiley/ text in the centre, meant to draw one's attention. Several netizens are joining in to create their own memes and if you too are wondering, how to go about making this meme, let us help you out. All you have to do is copy paste and replace the smiley.ย 'Was Invented In...' is the Latest Meme Format Trending on Social Media, People Make Funny Memes on How Everyone Functioned Before Invention of Things.

Well, we do not know what started this meme, but it has begun to trend and everyone is being part of it. Some brands joined in too and now everyone wants to try it out. It can get annoying when all the skin-toned emojis don't match up and the meme does not look how it should. So we are going to give you a very easy way to make this meme. Won't take long for someone to figure it out, but then some people do have their doubts. All you have to do is copy-paste it from someone who has used it right and change the smiley in the centre.ย Funny Backbenchers Memes and Jokes Are Bringing Back School Memories; Twitter Wonโ€™t Let Go off the Meme Trend.

Here's the Finger Emoji Meme That's Trending Online:

People are giving it their fun angles too. Check some of the funny takes on this trend.


Sorry, Salman Fans!

Seeing it as the latest trend, some brands joined in too, adding only more people to try this out.


Krispy Kreme Donuts

But Looks Like Not Everyone Can Do It!

To make it effortlessly, just copy-paste the entire thing and only replace the smiley in the middle. If you try to fit in sentences or words in there, then it will mess up with the look of it, as you can see above. So happy meme-making and finger-pointing.

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