'Was Invented In...' is the Latest Meme Format Trending on Social Media, People Make Funny Memes on How Everyone Functioned Before Invention of Things
Funny memes on inventions (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The internet is an entertaining place and one of the factors of primary entertainment here are funny memes and jokes. Every few days we have new meme formats that come up and eventually started trending as everyone gives their own twist and creates jokes out of them. The latest meme trend is around the invention of things and how life was before them. We do not know what the exact format is called but it mentions a particular year when the thing was invented in and how people functioned before that. From Bollywood movies, TV serials to appliances these "was invented in..." or the Before and After memes are just too funny to be missed out on. Neha Kakkar's Crying Photos From Indian Idol Episodes Make People Laugh! Funny Memes on Singer-Cum-Judge's Emotional Outburst Trend on Social Media.

It doesn't take long for a meme to start trending and go viral. People show their creativity online. As currently the festival of Diwali is being marked in India, funny memes and jokes on Diwali have also been trending for the past few days. We do not know who or what started this latest meme trend but the results are hilarious. From iconic scenes of Bollywood movies to some funny pictures on the internet, these before invention memes are too entertaining. Check some of the memes and jokes below.

Before Google Maps Was Invented

How Can We Forget This Iconic Scene


Before The X-Rays

Can't Even!

Level of Protection!

This Keeps Getting Funnier

Makeup Stories

A Not-So-Reliable Calculator

Before Umbrellas

Aren't these the funniest. As the trend is catching up, we expect more of such memes to come up on social feeds. If you are a lover of such jokes then we are sure you'd also enjoy making them.