How to Prevent Mosquito Bite While Sleeping? This Man’s Hack of Fixing Mosquito Bat on Table Fan Is Winning the Internet (Watch Hilarious Viral Video)
How to prevent mosquito bite? Viral video (Photo Credits: Twitter/ Bade Chote)

Sometimes mosquitoes can become real pain at night when you are trying to get some good night sleep and so does the heat. But is there a way you can prevent the mosquito bites as well as enjoy a cool sleep with a simple trick that is now going viral on the internet. A video of a man sleeping beside a table fan with a mosquito killing bat tied on the top of it is going viral. The hack suggests that while the table fan rotates the mosquito bat will rotate too and therefore killing the mosquitoes coming near the man while he enjoys the cool air from the table fan. Isn't it genius? DIY Hack! Woman Uses Paracetamol Tablet to Clean Dirt From Iron Box (Watch Video.)

Here's a video of the viral hack to prevent mosquito bite while sleeping:

The hack is indeed a genius, however, it is equally funny!

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

Another genius in the reply section who can teach you how to eat grapes while sleeping without using your hands...


The hack is foolproof

Oh! This is a valid point.

What an idea, sirji!

Quite appropriate


Such viral hacks are super entertaining. On a serious note, various herbal oil or essential oils can come to your rescue such Lemon Eucalyptus, Catnip Oil, Peppermint Oil and Lemongrass Oil. These oils are known to shoo the mosquitoes away.