The internet is an amusing place, especially the social media platforms. People sometimes share some amazing pictures, funniest clips and of course, the memes which provide the best source of entertainment. And in latest amusing thing on the internet, there is a picture of a huge bald eagle captured on camera outside someone's window. What's surprising about it, you wonder? Its the interpretation of it being Lord Vishnu's vahana or Uber for the current gen! Both the tweets capturing the huge bird as well as a user's reply of calling it Lord Vishnu's Uber are now going viral. Mind you, all of this is out of love and respect without any slightest intention to hurt religious sentiments. Perfect Symmetrical Picture of Bald Eagle and Its Reflection Goes Viral, View Steve Biro's Unbelievable Pic!

Twitter user who goes by the name Ant. tweeted two pictures of huge bald eagle. The size of this huge bird made the user quip, "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS" as the caption. But it is the reply of another user @RandyS0725 which is winning the internet. He wrote, "Garuda (aka Vishnu's Uber) just dropped in, mind ya business." He also attached an image of Lord Vishnu on his vahana Garuda. And people of Hinduism cannot stop giggling at this funny but respectful interpretation. For those who are unaware, Lord Vishnu is one of the principal deities of Hinduism, who has the role of "Preserver" in the holy Trinity, Trimurti. Lord Vishnu is mounted on a big eagle named Garuda. Vishnu is commonly depicted as riding on his shoulders. So, now you know! This also reminds us of another time, when an Andean Condor flight from Argentina was mistaken as Jatayu from the Hindu epic of Ramayana.

Check The Picture of the Huge Bald Eagle:

Here's The Reply About Lord Vishnu's Garud:

This tweet has been much loved and appreciated for the great humour of calling it Lord Vishnu's Uber. Check how some users reacted to it.

Winning The Internet

Crying With Laughter

Spot On Humour

So Funny

Funny Thought There...

Mind Ya Business

The user has also made a following tweet, "To be clear, I'm not Hindu, Sikh or Jain, so to anybody who is, I hope nobody is offended by my joke! Nothing but love & respect! :)" It is indeed in good humour and people too are loving it.

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