Indians Get the Best Sleep? World Economic Forum Suggest Out of 27 Countries, India Naps Enough, Twitterati Is Happy (Watch Video)
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Are you sleeping enough? A study by the World Economic Forum has revealed that Indians get the best sleep as compared to 27 other countries which are presumably sleep-deprived. At least two-thirds of the Indians say they get enough sleep. The study further compares with the number to Japan and South Korea, where only a third of people agreed to take a proper nap. The study list five countries: India, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, China and the United States of America with the highest share of people reporting that they sleep well. The study has impressed the social media users and knowing that the people of the nation naps enough, Twitterati seems quite happy about it.

Earlier too, studies suggested that it is essential for individuals to sleep at least for eight hours to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, technology, work culture, stress and many more other reasons are preventing humans from taking a proper nap. World Economic Forum states that 68 percent of Indians reported having a good sleep every night, making the country top, followed by Saudi Arabia and three other countries.

Indians Get the Best Sleep!

Twitterati is Happy:

The tweet linked the study, which further states that a person gets at least 6.8 hours of sleep on a weeknight. The duration might vary; most adults are still not getting enough sleep. Continuous sleep deprivation can even cause severe long-term health conditions. So, are you among those who are happy with their goodnight sleep schedule? Be careful and make sure you are using the late hours wisely.