Largest Burmese Python About 18-Foot Long Caught in Florida, View Pic of The 68 Kgs Serpent
Biggest python caught in Florida (Photo credits: Facebook)

A Florida man has made a record of catching the largest Burmese python. The python about 18-foot long, weighing about 68 kgs was captured in the Florida Everglades. It was a Python Elimination Program by the South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD). The snake bags were too small for this long serpent. John Hammond managed to still catch it with the help of a tent bag. These pythons are invasive species and affect the ecosystem to a great extent. Australian Woman Finds 4-Metre-Long Python Next to Bed Apparently Wanting to Eat Her! Rescues Herself, Watch Shocking Video.

The SFWMD has a program to eliminate these species, wherein they train professional python hunters. The program officials select the trainers and they are sent on district-owned lands in the Everglades to hunt. ONce the python is captured, it is euthanized humanely. Hammond's snake wasn't an easy catch. Talking about it he said, "Ran down, grabbed it by the head. When I did that, it constricted me from the waist down, which was the plan. I coaxed it into the tent bag, and then the tent bag into a gang box." Python Falls From Ceiling Fan Right Amidst Bank Employees in China, Watch Video.

Check Picture of the 18-Foot Long Python Caught in Florida

Doesn't it look dangerous? For a commoner spotting the snake in the backyard or the driveway would be a big nightmare. The huge reptile gave out after about 45 minutes of struggle with Hammond. The snake weighed about 150 pounds and Hammond then skinned it for its hide in his driveway. For euthanizing this python, the official from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) helped. With this capture, John Hammond holds the record for capturing the biggest Burmese python in the state. The previous record was of a man who caught a 17-foot, 5-inch snake in the month of November. The snake weighed about 120 pounds!