Paragliding is a fun and exciting sport. All the adventurers out there must have tried paragliding and experiences vary. However, there is always an adrenaline rush that would always stop you from taking the dare. There are so many things that we don’t know about this adventurous sport and those who do, never shy away from trying new and more courageous things up in the sky. This Turkish musician for instance, who played drum and sang songs while paragliding over the coast of Tekirdag province in west Turkey. Seeing the video, the Acrophobias out there are bound to think, ‘How is this man playing the drum’ up so high? Well, it may sound scary to some and look challenging, but he did enjoy his musical flight, and the jaw-dropping clip showing his dare has gone viral on social media. Paragliding and Chill! Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kaval Soars in Sky on Couch and Watches Tom & Jerry on TV! Crazy Video Goes Viral. 

The musician identified as Ahmet Celik in the video, takes the drum along with him while paragliding and times' soaring as high as 600 meters over the coast in Sarkoy area. In the video, Celik and his Paragliding volunteer, who was holding the selfie stick, can be seen singing, happily, up in the sky. The musician continues to play the drum, as they enjoy their ride. You will have to watch the video to believe it. 'Land Kara De Bhai' Funny Paragliding Video Goes Viral. 

Watch Video of the Musician Playing Drums While Paragliding:

As scary as it looks, the video shows how the musician was having fun along with his guide. Both seemed pretty chilled and enjoyed the music session at such a height. Not much is known about the viral video, especially when it was taken as people across nations are currently in the middle of a pandemic and travelling or participating in an adventurous sport such as paragliding, with no mask on, is a big no-no, at the moment.

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