Passenger Sets His Own Luggage on Fire After PIA Flight Got Cancelled at Islamabad International Airport (Watch Video)
Airline passenger sets luggage on fire after flight got cancelled. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Flight delays can be quite irritating. While some may take a nap at the airport, there are few who will remove their frustration on the crew or airline. But some just go overboard with their reactions. Will you ever set your own luggage on fire just because a flight was cancelled or delayed? One such furious passenger set his luggage on fire in protest his flight being cancelled at the Islamabad International Airport (IIA). Chaos at Kanpur Airport as SpiceJet Flights Get Rescheduled, Passengers Protest Over Delay.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Flight PK-607, bound for Gilgit, Pakistan at 7 am was delayed on Thursday for technical reasons and then finally was cancelled due to bad weather at Islamabad airport. The passengers started chanting slogans against the airline and one passenger went to extreme lengths and burned his luggage as a mark of protest, as reported by Dawn. A Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson told Dawn the fire was put out by CAA fire fighters.

Video of Passengers Arguing with Airport Staff at Islamabad Airport

In the video uploaded on social media, the angry passenger is seen arguing and pushing a senior staffer. The protestors were moved to hotels for the night and were assured that a special flight will be operated for them on Friday. A PIA spokesperson also said CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik talked to GB Law Minister Aurangzeb Khan who was also going to travel on the flight and informed him about the flight cancellation. Mr Arshad was quoted saying,, “No airline can risk flying a passenger plane in bad weather.”