Photo of Weather Reporter's Dog Sleeping Peacefully On Customised Couch With Bone-Shaped Pillow Makes Netizens Say 'Pawdorable'
Weather reporter's dog sleeps on little couch behind him (Photo Credits: IDonyKnow224, @jiveDurkey Twitter)

Quite a lot of people across the world are trying to maintain social distancing in a bid to fight the novel coronavirus. And for those working from home, it comes with its own benefits. And one such employee has gone viral garnering praises of netizens. A photo posted on Reddit shows one of KDFW Fox 4 meteorologist Evan Andrews reporting to the camera while his dog, Penny lying on a customised couch him. And it does not end there, the pup also has a bone-shaped pillow for resting on it! The photo was posted on Reddit with the caption, "The weather man dog had a small dog couch." And looking at all we can say it 'pawdorable'! Internet users were quick to quick the weatherman who had such an arrangement for his pet dog. Andrews often share photos of his pet on Twitter. He has two dogs, a cat and a tortoise!  Bird Lands on News Anchor's Head During Live Broadcast, Reminds us of These Videos Where News Presentators Remained Calm.

When Newsweek contacted Andrews, he said, "Considering everything going on in the world nowadays, this is about the best news that's on the news every day. I just let (my pets) roam freely in the background. Half the time, you may see one on the couch, you may see a cat lying by the drums. I never know what—that's the beauty of working from home. I've seen it with a lot of people. You never know what's going to be in the background every shot." Pig Follows Journalist Live Reporting on Floods in Greece And Bites Him, Video Goes Viral.

Weather Reporter Andrews Who Has a Dog With a Couch to Itself:

The weather man dog had a small dog couch from r/aww

So Adorable!

Yes Please!

Meet Andrews' Pet Gang:

So Cute!

Andrews added, "The couch has a story, though, and it's legitimate, because I don't think I would ever spend that much money on a couch. But my wife just had a birthday, and her aunt bought it for her birthday. We got the couch about the same day we all started working from home. As soon as I got the couch, the dogs fell in love with it. I'm like, 'I'm putting it in the back of the shot,' because everybody's got their Emmy's in the background. So I'm putting the couch." Well, that's quite a life to have your lucky ones!