Toilet paper has become a prized commodity in a time of the coronavirus pandemic. With the need for these rolls seeing a sudden increase, there's a dire shortage recorded in many countries. Adding to the woes, a truck carrying toilet paper rolls met with an accident near Dallas on the Texas highway. It caught fire and a huge load of toilet papers spilt on the side of the road. Although no one was injured in the accident, the news of so much toilet paper going to waste has devastated a lot of people. Video and pictures of the toilet paper all lying on the road were shared on Twitter and netizens are definitely upset about the loss. Mega Rolls Instead of Toilet Paper! Bunnings offers Solution That Will Last One Year As Coronavirus Fear Continues.

An 18-wheeler tractor-truck was travelling from Alabama to San Antonio when it crashed along Interstate 20 early Wednesday morning. As per the local reports, the driver of the truck allegedly fell asleep while on the while, which resulted in the accident. He did not suffer any serious injuries, but the loss has definitely damaged a lot of people. The truck was carrying a cargo of industrial-sized rolls of toilet paper typically used in stores, restaurants and businesses. Texas transportation officials said some of the spilled cargo "burned extensively." #ToiletPaper Funny Memes and Jokes Take Over Social Media As Netizens Mock Australians for Stockpiling Loo Rolls Over Coronavirus Fear.

The coronavirus pandemic across has made toilet paper a very important possession and right from the outbreak of the disease, a crisis-like situation has arisen in different countries. People in supermarkets were recorded fighting to get their hands on a roll. Companies have increased the production and shipping to make sure the supplies are enough to meet the rising demand.

Watch Video of Truck Carrying Toilet Paper Crashed on Highway:

Here Are Some Pics of Toilet Paper Stock Lying on Road:

The recent accident definitely adds on to the woes of their availability once again. Pictures of completely unusable toilet paper lying on the streets definitely caused ached many. Check some reactions:

Oh No Precious!

No No No

Where are The People to Pick it Up?

The Horror!

Many others wondered how come there were no people who were rushing to pick up even whatever toilet paper was left on the road. The toilet paper has been in high demand since the last few months now and this accident is certainly not a piece of good news for the consumers.

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