10 Feb, 14:34 (IST)

K-Pop fans took to Twiter to share birthday wishes to Red Velvet's Seulgi.Check Tweets:

10 Feb, 13:11 (IST)

Netizens have flooded their Twitter timeline with Happy Teddy Day 2021 wishes, funny memes, messages and cute quotes.Check Tweets:

10 Feb, 12:07 (IST)

Sister Andre tested positive for the virus in mid-January in the southern French city of Toulon. She was isolated from other residents but displayed no symptoms. She recovered from COVID-19 and became world's second-oldest person to survive the disease.Here's Pic:

10 Feb, 10:34 (IST)

Indian soldier named Sam K Daniel impressed his colleagues and viewers as he is sitting on a chair and playing drums. They seem to be grooving with him as he jumps from one tune to another flawlessly.Watch Video:

10 Feb, 09:19 (IST)

Netizens have flood their Twitter timeline with Happy Teddy Day 2021 wishes, HD images, messages and beautiful quotes celebrating the week of love.Check Tweets:

10 Feb, 08:11 (IST)

To start yet another day, people on Twitter are sharing #WednesdayThought and #WednesdayMotivation quotes and messages.Check Tweets:

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s time when the mid-week blues are all over you. There are still two more days to go before you hit the weekend. In case you lack any inspiration to start the day, we suggest you visit social media platforms. During the early hours of the day, Twitter is filled with positive good morning quotes. #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayThoughts are trending on the internet. To know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes shared by netizens today, February 10, stay in tune with us.

Like every day, we will bring you all the latest updates from the internet world. Why a video is going viral, whether a post is real or fake, the viral claims, funny memes and more, you will find all the answers in this viral blog. As we are in the middle of Valentine Week celebration, social media is sure to be filled with Teddy Day wishes and messages. The fourth day of Valentine Week is Teddy Day, which is on February 10, i.e. today. Aside from the Teddy Day viral hashtags, there will surely be more videos, and trending topics.

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