A video of a group of four boys dancing in amazing coordination has been shared online. The video is going viral. Watch the video here:

A Koala named Clare, who was rescued from bushfires in Australia was left into the sanctuary recently. She carefully inspected her options before selecting her first tree to climb.Watch the video here:

A Panda was captured enjoying the first snow of 2020 in China's Wuhan. The cute video is going viral. Watch the video here:

A cute video has captured an adorable bond between a dog and a baby monkey.Watch the video here:


Netizens are engaged in a bizarre trend of clicking photos of themselves by peeping through toilet paper roll tubes. The idea is to look like a moon. They posting such pictures with the hashtag #moonselfies on social media.Check Out #moonselfies Here:
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#moonselfies are the latest selfie trend:
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A woman in Australia when she found out that there was a metal rod in her McDonald's burger. Ada Teaupa took to Facebook with pictures of the half-eaten burger and the piece of metal.Here Are The Pictures:

For people unable to unlock phones wearing masks for Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), these Face ID Masks have come to the rescue. But what's the truth? Read here.Check Tweet:

DCP Traffic East's Twitter handle just shared the most hilarious informative meme about less honking and we are ROFLing!Check Tweet:

Young mothers are sharing Pics On Twitter under #SantoorMomsTwitter.Check Tweet:

The 'Little Mufflerman', the young boy who took social media by storm on the day of Delhi Assembly vote counting, was also the centre of attraction at Arvind Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony. Read the entire story here.View Pic:

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As much you hate it, you woke up to Monday morning! There are quite little things to prepare you for the day. If you are still struggling to get off the bed, Twitter has some motivational lines that may help you prepare for the day. Like every start of the week, #MondayMotivation and #MondayThoughts have hit the timeline on social media as netizens gear up for another week. In the coming hours, we are also expecting more trending hashtags, videos and memes to keep the internet engaged. From trending topics to viral videos and funny memes, watch out this space to know what netizens are sharing on February 17, 2020.

Yesterday, a rather shocking video surfaced online. A CCTV footage surfaced on social media showing how the Delhi Police in India was mercilessly beating the students who were studying inside the library. This shook the country. Netizens kept on re-sharing the clip on their social media, shaming the police for such brutality. Again, videos and photos related to the coronavirus outbreak were also shared online. The cases of people infected by the disease are only increasing. Amid all the disheartening footages and pictures, there were some light-hearted viral moments which gave a smile to the netizens.

We are in the middle of Anti-Valentine Week celebration. February 17, 2020 marks Perfume Day in the Anti-Valentine week. Stay in tune with us to know all the latest occurrences from around the world.