22 Jan, 20:57 (IST)

To honour Subhas Chandra Bose's birthd anniversry, sand artist, Sudarsan Pattnaik created a beautiful sand art at Puri beach in Odisha.See Pic:

22 Jan, 18:56 (IST)

People are sharing hilarious memes and jokes on Twitter with #Lockdown2021.Check Tweets:

22 Jan, 17:40 (IST)

So adorable! This pug's photo wearing a malayali traditional outfit is going viral on social media.See Pic:

22 Jan, 15:53 (IST)

The devoted dog, named Boncuk (Bon-DJUK) followed the ambulance that transported her owner, Ceman Senturk to hospital in the Black Sea city of Trabzon. The loyal pooch would wait for days outside the hospital before finally being reunited with his owner.Watch Video:

22 Jan, 15:01 (IST)

Legendary bhajan singer, Narendra Chanchal passed away. He breathed his last in Delhi's Apollo Hospital. People on Twitter are paying their tributes to the late singer.Check Tweets:

22 Jan, 13:53 (IST)

A little kid decided to try a snow fight with an elder person and it wasn't as successful attempt. A video of this fail is going viral on social media.Watch Here:

22 Jan, 12:35 (IST)

A very cute video clip has found its way on Twitter. It shows a baby polar bear getting scared when a seal appears next to it.Check the Video Here:

22 Jan, 11:21 (IST)

The rise in petrol price in India has inspired funniest memes online.Check Here:

Ayega Na?

22 Jan, 09:32 (IST)

An amusing picture has come up online. It shows someone using PPE kits as scarecrows. The pic is going viral.Check it Here:

22 Jan, 08:15 (IST)

The favourite day of the week is here, everyone awaits a Friday. So Friday vibes are setting in with some positive thoughts and motivation for the day.Check Tweets:

Good morning, everyone! Are you in the mid-week blues, yet? If yes, Twitterati has some positive quotes and messages to get all the motivations you need to start the day. At the moment, #ThursdayMotivation and #ThursdayThoughts are running as one of the top trends on Twitter. In addition, more tweets and viral posts are expected to go surface on social media. To know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes shared on January 22, 2021, stay in tune with us.

Social media users were entertained with all the glimpses of US Presidential Inauguration held on January 20, 2020. It is one of the most-awaited ceremonies. Photos and videos from the event continue to flood on the internet. In addition, the K-Pop stars are always here to keep the netizens hooked. Each day, the artists from the South Korean bands continue to rule the hashtags on Twitter. We expect more viral hashtags, videos, memes, and photos, to flood your social media timeline.

To know all the updates from the world of social media, stay in tune with this viral. We will bring you the viral posts and tweets that grip the internet users. We wish you, a Happy Thursday!