29 Nov, 23:00 (IST)

Phillip Island nature parks penguin TV live rescue goes viral. Watch:

29 Nov, 18:17 (IST)

Video of man proposing to partner during India-Australia match goes viral. Watch:

29 Nov, 15:48 (IST)
An adorably playful video of Fiona, the Hippo has gone viral. Watch: 
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29 Nov, 14:30 (IST)

National Lemon Cream Pie Day is celebrated on November 29 in the United States. For everyone with a sweet tooth, it is the best day to celebrate and have more excuses to have more lemon cream pies.Check Out the Tweets Below:

Happy National Lemon Cream Pie Day!

29 Nov, 12:41 (IST)

International Jaguar Day is observed on November 29 to establish a coordinated mechanism to promote conservation of jaguar conversation and create a network of connected sites across Central and South America.Check Out the Tweets Below:

International Jaguar Day 2020

29 Nov, 10:16 (IST)

Dev Diwali is a festival on Kartik Poornima celebrated in Varanasi. The beauty of lighted lamps shining in the night attracts tourists from around the world.  It is an auspicious day observed during the 7th Hindu month of Kartik. Dev Deepavali 2020 falls on Nov 29. Dev Diwali is often referred to as the "Diwali of Gods". Meanwhile, people have taken to social media platforms with Happy Dev Diwali wishes and greetings.Check Out the Tweets Below:

Happy Dev Diwali

29 Nov, 08:13 (IST)

On Sunday morning, people have taken to Twitter sharing inspirational quotes and motivational sayings using the hashtags #SundayMotivation, #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning.Check Out the Tweets Below:

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday! The happiest day of the week is here. Most of us wait for the day to relax, roam around and also run errands. While we may be amid a pandemic, social distancing, there is no need to also have social media distance as well. This bright Sunday morning has netizens happy. People are sharing amazing happy posts online. Today people are sharing their thoughts and positive vibes under #Sundayfeelings, #SundayVibes #SundayMotivation. Twitter is all about positivity and motivating posts. Sunday morning sees people sharing their holiday pictures as well on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. On this viral live blog, you'll see whatever lands on the trending page. We are set to cover trending events from various areas of life. Be it funny memes or any emotional video that netizens can't stop sharing, we will keep you update.

A lot of trends are also based on the events of the day. It is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Dev Deepawali in India, International Jaguar Day 2020 and National Lemon Cream Pie Day. Soon social media will fill with posts related to the major events of the day.

Well, the morning just started will all these trends but as the day proceeds will be seeing a lot of other trends wrapped around the day. But fret not! Whatever lands on the trending page, you'll surely find it on our viral live blog, that covers trending events from various areas of life. Be it funny memes or any emotional video that netizens can't stop sharing, we will keep you update.