07 Nov, 20:51 (IST)

Sengamalam, an elephant living in Mannargudi's Rajagopalaswamy Temple, is famous for her bob-cut hairstyle. Pictures of the jumbo have been shared online and are going viral. Check The Pics Here:

07 Nov, 19:02 (IST)

The official handle of Mumbai Police has made a tweet about US Election Results 2020. They have added their own witty take to it. See Tweet:

07 Nov, 17:48 (IST)

The weekly hashtag of Caturday is trending with pictures and videos of cats uploaded by social media users.Check Some Here:

07 Nov, 16:10 (IST)

A funny video of a man eating noodles forgetting he has his mask on has been shared online. It is an embarrassing moment but too funny.Check it Here:

07 Nov, 14:47 (IST)

An adorable video of a baby bird drinking water has gone viral on social media platforms. It shows the little one trying to drink from a bottle.Watch The Video Below:

07 Nov, 12:54 (IST)

A wildlife photographer has captured an eel’s attempt to escape from the bird that ate it alive. Sam Davis from Maryland in the US captured the moment on camera.Here's the Photo:

07 Nov, 11:10 (IST)

National Bison Day is observed on November 7 to celebrate the American bison. So, people have taken to Twitter sharing pictures of bison on the observance.Check Out the Tweets Below:

Happy National Bison Day!

07 Nov, 09:55 (IST)

On National Cancer Awareness Day, people have taken to Twitter sharing pictures and videos creating awareness about the disease. National Cancer Awareness Day highlights the need for early detection of the disease.Check Out the Tweets Below:

It's National Cancer Awareness Day

07 Nov, 08:15 (IST)

On Saturday morning, people have taken to Twitter with inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts using the hashtags #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMotivation.Check Out the Tweets Below:

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday, people! It is the weekend finally and while you are set to spend a perfect Saturday, we are back with today's live blog that will keep you updated with everything that is taking over social media. We are amid the pandemic but that doesn't mean that along with the social distancing, we also have to be distanced on social media. So here we are with all the updates online. To begin with, netizens have started off the day with positive Good Morning messages, HD images, quotes, greetings and GIFs on Twitter and other social media platforms.

These posts are being shared under hashtags such as, #SaturdayThoughts, #SaturdayFeels, #SaturdayFeeling and #SaturdayMotivation and they are among the top trends of the day. Stay with us on this viral live blog throughout the day and we will keep you updated with funny memes, jokes and viral videos of the day.

It is also National Cancer Awareness Day today and amid the coronavirus pandemic, people are sharing informative posts to create awareness. It is also James Franklin's birthday and wishes are pouring in. It is also Caturday today aka when cats take over social media as in with pics and video, so Caturday moments are also expected to take over social media by the end of today. Cats on Twitter pose for selfies and pictures to make your weekend better.

Stay tuned with us to get all the updates and know what netizens are sharing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. We will keep you updated with all the latest trends, funny memes and social media trends of the day. Be it a super cute video or funny memes, we will keep updating you from time to time about the happenings in the world, not just India. Stay tuned.