US Man Tries to Buy Food at McDonald's With a Bag of Weed
McDonald's, Weed (Photo Credits: Unsplash, Pixabay)

A 23-year-old from Florida in the United States tried to trade McDonald's food for a bag of weed. Police said that Anthony Andrew Gallagher went through a McDonald's drive-thru and tried to pay for his order with marijuana. He was initially refused food for not having money but he returned a second time, with drugs. Police in Port St. Lucie said that they were informed about the incident on Sunday early morning.

A fast-food chain worked described the man Gallagher's physical appearance to the police. They noticed a man with the same description going through the drive-thru at around 2 am. The cops in their Facebook post said that the "the suspect was arrested for possession of marijuana under 20 grams and DUI and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail for booking." Drunk Man Tries to Pay McDonald's Bill With Chips and a Single Sock, Costs Him Hundreds of Pounds.

Port St. Lucie Police Department's Facebook post reads, "The McDonald's worker told police that a man in a Pontiac four-door drove through the drive-thru of the McDonald's trying to exchange a baggie of marijuana for food. The McDonald's worker refused and the car drove off."

It further states, "A short time later, the suspect again went through the drive-thru of the McDonald's. Police made contact with the suspect and noticed a heavy odour of marijuana emitting from the car. The suspect told police that he did offer Marijuana in exchange for food but that he did so as a joke." Cops said they found a small amount of pot in the vehicle.

In a similar incident last month, a drunk man in the UK tried to pay his McDonald's bill with potato chips and a sock. He was arrested and had to a pay a fine of 120 pounds, along with 85 pounds for court costs and 35 pounds as victim surcharge.