Drunk Man Tries to Pay McDonald's Bill With Chips and a Single Sock, Costs Him Hundreds of Pounds
McDonald's (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

A UK man was so drunk that he couldn't differentiate between money and chips. Yes, that's no exaggeration, a man actually tried to pay for his McDonalds bill by giving the potato chips and a sock. The drunk man soon regretted his actions cost him hundreds of pounds. Shamsher Butt tried to pay for his meal with chips first, when that didn't work he tried to barter with a sock.

Seeing his inebriated state, the McDonald's employee called cops who arrived at 4:40 am in the morning. They administered a breathalyser test and found alcohol in his blood twice the legal limit. The incident happened at King's Lynn, UK, earlier this month. He was arrested and jailed the next day, but was suppose to take his wife to hospital as her delivery was due. Mumbai: 2 Drunk Men Misbehave With Model & Her Friends Over Parking; Watch Video.

His prosecutor said, "The defendant first asked if he could get a staff discount. He was slurring his words. He tried to pay for his food with a crisp packet and then found a £10($12 USD) note." In mitigation, Alison Muir said, "He was in high jinks. His wife was going to give birth the following day. He was supposed to take her to hospital but he was in the police station."

He pleaded guilty to drink driving and told the police that before driving he had vodka at a nightclub. For his reckless behaviour, Butt has now been asked to pay a fine of 120 pounds, along with 85 pounds for court costs and 35 pounds as victim surcharge. Also, he has also been banned from driving for 18 months.