Watching funny cat videos are everyone’s favourite pastime these days. Ask anyone! Hilarious viral clips of the feline buddies bring people together on the internet. So, it is no surprise when a criminology student Aliyah Steele shared footage of her roommate’s cat who sneakily unlocked the bathroom door and went out. Naturally, the video went viral, and cat owners on Twitter soon joined in on the fun by sharing their own hilarious experiences with their pets. Felines are intelligent, and the recent line of videos online mainly explains why and how. Surprised by the Money Karl Lagerfeld's Pet Cat Choupette Inherits? Meet 5 Pet Animals Who Own a Fortune!

Aliyah, who was brought up in Texas, is a currently a senior at the University of West Georgia studying criminology, reported BuzzFeed News. She moved in with her roommate Ciara Davis and her cute pet Cubby Jay. Recently, the girls noticed that Cubby kept getting out from behind closed doors, but they were not able to figure out how. Aliyah landed on an experiment. She set up her phone to record the door on Cubby in the bathroom. This Video of a Pet Dog and Cat Loving Each Other is Going Viral. 

Watch Video to Find Out What Amazed Aliyah

That is one smart kitty! Cubby escaped in less than five minutes. The video above shows the cat purr before he jumps on a wooden dressing table. Resting its front paw on the door handle, the bright kitten figured out his next move. “Once he got out, we gave him a treat and watched the video,” Aliyah explained via Twitter. This Cat Hiding in Christmas Tree is Difficult to Find. 

The video so far received more than 3 million views (still counting) on Twitter. As the tweet reached out to many more netizens, the cat owners on the social media platform decided to respond by sharing how they have caught their pets in equally impressive stunts. Yes, you are not alone!

Hello Smarty!

This One is A Pro

Watch it Till the End!

He Is Not Interested At All

Pets are definitely much more intelligent than we might realise. If you haven’t, hide a camera to capture your pet how easily it can find its way out of any room while the door is closed. Be amazed watching how smart your feline bud could be.

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