This Cat Hiding in Christmas Tree is Difficult to Find and The Internet is Going Crazy With This Game, View Pics
Cat hiding in Christmas tree (Photo credits: Twitter)

The lovely festival of Christmas 2018 is ongoing and people are celebrating the festival with all gusto. Every Christain household beautifully decorates a Christmas tree for the occasion. But cat owners have to extra careful around their Christmas trees as the feline creatures are known to mess with the decorations. Climbing atop the tree to play with the baubles and just prancing around the decorations is somehow very attractive to the cats. One such cat loves hiding in the Christmas tree and she is so good at it that the internet is going crazy! Cat owner Alli McDonald took to Twitter to share pictures of her car hiding in the Christmas tree and people are going crazy to find out where is the cat. Christmas 2018: Cats Have Been Wrecking Xmas Trees, Giving Headaches to Pet Owners Everywhere.

It is not a one-time incident but after seeing the popularity, the user uploaded a series of pictures every day, challenging people to find spot her cat. On watching the pictures, it looks as if the cat literally blends into the tree's background. The game has hooked several people on the internet. Cat Climbs Into Box; Accidentally Posted 700 Miles Away in Canada.

Check Picture of This Cat Hiding in The Christmas Tree

Can you find it? Try harder. If not here's the answer.

This first tweet got about 3000 likes and 800 plus retweets. Alli then decided to continue the game for the following days.

Find the Cat Part 2!

Well, this one's a bit easier.

Ready for Part 3?

Where are you kitty?

This might be a little hard!

Oh, that's the eye!

Well, this cat sure finds the cosiest and the most decorative spots to make her place on the Christmas tree, right? And spotting her is no more just a pass time for the family, but also people on the internet.