Video of Indian Army Soldiers Dancing on Pakistani Song ‘Hawa Hawa’ Sung by Hassan Jahangir in Siachen Goes Viral
Indian army dancing on Hassan Jahangir's iconic song (Photo Credits: YouTube)

A video of a group of Indian Army soldiers at the snow-capped mountaintop, reportedly from Siachen glacier is going viral and for all the right reasons. The footage captured on a mobile phone shows the jubilant group dancing on the tunes of Pakistani singer Hassan Jahangir’s classic song “Hawa Hawa.” There are so many reasons why this video is such a delight to watch for viewers. Indian Soldiers Teach Bhangra to Chinese Troops, Dance Together in This Viral Video.

Firstly, the clip shows us how our courageous soldiers bravely face the extreme climatic conditions to defend our borders. They selflessly are present to ensure the nation and its citizens can lead a peaceful life. And importantly, despite such adverse surroundings, these Bravehearts do it with a smile on their faces. You can see in the video, they are actually scooping snow to clear the region, but they are having a blast.

And the song they have chosen to dance on is an iconic choice – “Hawa Hawa” by Pakistani pop singer, Hasan Jahangir. The 56-year-old artist had risen to the fame internationally, especially a big hit in India with his song “Hawa Hawa Eh Hawa, Khusbhoo Luta Dey, Kahaan Khuli Haan Khuli, Zulf Bata Dey.”

Watch Video Indian Army Soldiers Dancing on "Hawa Hawa" Song

This evergreen song was recently recreated by Bollywood movie, Mubarakan starring Arjun Kapoor and Ileana D’Cruz. However, the renewed version in the voices of Indian singers Mika Singh And Prakriti Kakar failed to appeal to masses as it lacked the magic of Hassan Jahangir’s original voice.

Just a few days ago, ADGPI - Indian Army shared a video of Indian and Chinese Army having a fun moment. They write, "Troops of Indian Army & Chinese Army sharing lighter moments after practising gruesome Battle Obstacle Course."

At the 7th Sino-India joint exercise Hand-in-Hand 2018 at Chengdu in China, the Indian Army soldiers were seen teaching their opponents a lesson in Bhangra, a traditional dance form of Punjab region. And now watching Indian army dancing on the Pakistani musician’s song makes us believe that nations can be divided by borders but not art and culture.