Viral Tweet Asks to Name a Fictional Villain Based on the Creator’s Sexual Fetish! Netizens Only Think of Chris Claremont’s Characters
Viral Tweet (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Internet is having quite their time while answering to a question going viral online. A comic book writer and Twitter user, Gail Simone tweeted asking netizens to name a fictional villain or villainesses that they suspect are the displays of the creators’ sexual fetishes. Rightly, the Marvel and DC characters jumped in. But it appears that the majority of Twitterati thinks alike! Early and long-time X-Men comic writer, Chris Claremont was featured heavily in the thread, who co-created tons of negative characters. Twitter is going gaga while guessing the creators’ names, keeping the portrayal of characters in mind. Sexualised Niqab Superhero ‘Dust’ Tight-Fitting Outfit Gets Makeover & the Internet Is Loving Her Costume. 

“Name a fictional villain or villainess that you strongly suspect is pretty much 100% based on the creator's sexual fetish. GO!” tweeted Simone. And her tweet was floored with numerous guesses. If Marvel has Chris Claremont, DC has the creator of Wonder Woman, William Marston. Apart from these two names, other guesses include Ruby Thursday, The Exterminatrix, Warrior Woman, and sin-all Marvel characters. Check out the tweets and come up with your opinions too, if you haven’t already.

Here's the Tweet:

Clear Guess:


So Can the Rest of Netizens Now!

Claremont’s Work Seems to Feature Tentacles!

Even He Thinks So!

William Marston, People!

The portrayal of women in American comic books has been subjected to controversy since the medium’s beginning. As a matter of fact, they have introduced extremely strong characters, but their sketches have not always impressed everyone. Critics have noted the roles of women; all supporting, lead, and negative characters are substantially subjected to sexual characteristics having a larger presence in their overall character. And now, with the tweet going viral, it seems that the creators’ ‘sexual fetish’ could be one of many reasons behind the projection of women in comics! At least, that is what the netizens think.