A hilarious video of an African Bull Frog playing a video game has gone viral on social media platforms. In it, a frog can be seen trying to eat ants from a smartphone. Well, someone tried to fool with the frog by letting it play 'Ant Smasher'. The frog can be seen trying to eat its prey as each ant comes crawling down. Well, it plays the game well, the frog not able to get its food in real life seems to have got irritated. At the end, when man moves his thumb towards the touchscreen, the frog bites the man's finger making him scream in pain. While the video is an old one, it has started going viral all over again. It was recently widely shared after it was tweeted by IFS officer Susanta Nanda. Angry Elk Attacks Car on Russian Highway Leaving Driver Terrified, Video Goes Viral.

He shared it with the caption, "One can fool some people all the time, But not the frog all the time. Just watch at the end how the frog chops off the thumb... Animals are not dumb." As the video went viral, varying reactions poured in. The video has received over 28,000 views and more than 1,200 likes. Duck Fools a Dog by Playing Dead! Other Times When Animals Faked Death to Escape From Tough Situations (Watch Viral Videos)

African Bull Frog Plays Ant Crusher on Phone:

While some laughed at how the frog could play video games, others warned that it was a lesson to not make fool of animals. Some also questioned if the frog actually bit the man's finger or not. Some Twitterati said that it was frightening how it bit the man's finger. However, most people said that humans shouldn't mess with animals.

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