Woman Delivers Baby on Car Backseat! Video of Driver Giving Instructions to Her Wins Hearts on the Internet
Uber driver wins hearts by helping woman deliver baby (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Remember that time Kimmy Gibler in Fuller House disclosed she gave birth to her daughter in the backseat of a car? Something similar just happened to a couple in NYC. While on the way, the couple did not expect the baby to be out before they reached the hospital. As the video goes viral, people are falling in love with the cab driver and his patience. The driver comforted the lady throughout her labour and people want the driver to be present when they give birth.ย This Mumbai Woman Auto Driver's Tragic Story Will Move You to Tears and Inspire You at the Same Time!

Luis J. Leonardo didnโ€™t expect his ride to go the way it did. It started off as a regular ride with a couple heading to the hospital and the woman ready to give birth. But her contractions got worse every minute and she ended up giving birth to her daughter in the cab. The entire ride, Luis tried his best to comfort the woman as she went through painful contractions. Finally, the baby couldnโ€™t wait. It was out and Luis was shocked and helped her through that.ย Uber India to Double Down on Hiring Engineers in 2019.

Viral Video of Luis Comforting the Ladyย 

Twitter users have been loving his every response and even want him to be present when they give birth, next. โ€œPut it out, boss. Do your magicโ€ people have been quoting Luisโ€™ words in the replies of the tweet. Luis went viral and he got the entire process on tape. When he says it to the couple, they ask for the tape and he joked theyโ€™ll have to pay him for that too.