English Cricketer Alex Hepburn Denies Rape Charges, Says ‘It Was Consensual As Woman’s Eyes Were Open’
File Image | Alex Hepburn | Worcestershire Cricket Club | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Denying the rape charges levelled against him by a woman, Australian cricketer Alex Hepburn broke down in court and claimed that the woman had engaged in consensual sex. Giving evidence to Worcester crown court, Hepburn claimed that woman's eyes were opened at the time of the incident. He further told that after 20 minutes she got up and told him: “You just raped me you sick bastard.” WhatsApp ‘Stat-Chat’ Group Found in Alex Hepburn's Mobile Where Girls Were Rated Out of 10!

According to The Guardian, Hepburn, who plays for Worcestershire County Club, told the judge that “Her eyes were open before we kissed. We kissed on the lips for a matter of seconds.” He further claimed they then had sex. “She was enjoying it because she was actively engaging with me,” Hepburn said.

The prosecutor alleged that Hepburn's mobile had a ‘stat chat’ WhatsApp group in which they had started a sexual conquest game. Hepburn while clarifying himself said, "it was nothing more than just immature chat between friends".

According to report, the victim believed that it was Joe, a former teammate of Hepburn, but later she realised that is was not Joe, but Alex. While recalling the victim’s account, prosecutor Miranda Moore said, “Immediately she (victim) pulls away, she says, ‘Where’s Joe?’” Alex then tried to encourage her to continue the act by saying that ‘she is beautiful’.