English Cricketer Alex Hepburn Accused of Raping a Woman, WhatsApp ‘Stat-Chat’ Group Found in His Mobile Where Girls Were Rated Out of 10!
File Image | Alex Hepburn | Worcestershire Cricket Club | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Australian cricketer Alex Hepburn, who plays for Worcestershire County Club, was alleged to rape a woman after she had consensual sex with his teammate, Joe Clarke; a Worcester Crown Court, United Kingdom, has heard. It was reportedly being said that the incident took place after Joe took a sick-break and left the room, only for Alex to take his place.

The rape victim believed that it was Joe who had returned, but then the reality was otherwise. While recalling the victim’s account, prosecutor Miranda Moore said to the court that she did not realise that it was not Joe, but Alex, until he (Alex) had touched her hair and spoken in the Australian accent.

Moore said, “Immediately she pulls away, she says, ‘Where’s Joe?’” Alex then tried to encourage her to continue the act by saying that ‘she was beautiful’.

The prosecutor also alleged that Alex’s mobile had a ‘stat chat’ WhatsApp group in which it recorded the details of the women its members had slept with. The terms which were used for the girls they had slept with were ‘freshies’ and ‘re-heats’.

However, the 23-year-old cricketer has denied the allegations of rape saying that the women were awake and the act was consensual. The trial is still on, and further details are awaited.