4G Internet Data Speed in India: Navi Mumbai Tops the List of Cities with 8.72 mbps
Representative Image (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Navi Mumbai has the highest 4G internet speed and has outperformed cities like Mumbai and New Delhi in the country. According to a report by OpenSignal, the 4G speed of Navi Mumbai has reached 8.72 mbps, faster than any other city.

Chennai is there at the second spot with 8.52 mbps, followed by Kolkata at 8.46 mbps and Bengaluru with 7.17 mbps. Mumbai, on the other hand is there at the fifth spot with a speed of 6.79 mbps. Among the 20 cities list, Allahabad was at the bottom, with 3.5 mbps. The survey was done among users from cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chandigarh, and Patna among others.

As per reports, the 4G market in India has grown exponentially after the entry of Reliance Jio in this space with their significantly low pricing. The report further quotes, “The shockwaves from the debut of Reliance Jio are still being felt, with no less than three mobile mergers on the table, meaning the fastest 4G city rankings are likely to change significantly in the coming months.”

According to survey conducted by OpenSignal last month, India has the slowest 4G Download speed in the world. The report also highlights that India ranks behind Kazakhstan, Pakistan and even Tunisia. The countries that have top 4G speed as per the survey are Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea and Hungary. Internet users in Singapore get the fastest downloads on 4G (44 mbps), followed by the Netherlands (42 mbps). In Norway, the 4G download speed stands at 41 mbps, while South Korea records 40 mbps. Compared to this, India’s 4G download speed is meagre 6.07 mbps. The other countries with slowest download speed other than India are Algeria, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.