The Clubhouse App is one of the hot talks on social media lately, and you might too have heard about it. The Clubhouse house app became popular recently after Tesla-CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the App. Ever since, the number of users on the invitation-only audio app have been increasing. The Clubhouse app is a voice-based social media app in which you can drop in and out of different chats depending on your areas of interest. Not everyone can get into the app, you need an invite to get in from a current Clubhouse user and each in-app user can send two invites only. What Is Clubhouse App? Everything to Know About the New Social Media Platform.

Clubhouse App
Clubhouse App (Photo Credits: App Store)

The users were pretty much happy with the app and its service until they found about the privacy concerns related to it. Concerned about their privacy, users took to Twitter expressing grief over policy for account deletion. Users will have to send an email to the company asking them to delete their Clubhouse account. Users claimed that they have asked the company to delete their account via email, however, they haven't received any response.

One user Tweeted, "Perhaps a nice little chat topic for the latest social media powerhouse; if you wish to leave #clubhouse (yes, it happens) you can’t delete your account. You have to send them an email with your request. And how long they will keep your data & contacts... is unclear".

Another user Tweeted, "@pdavison due to some privacy concerns, I would like to have my @joinClubhouse account deleted immediately. Would you kindly respond to my email sent in this regard?".

A user did some research on the internet and shared on Twitter that:- Clubhouse is tracking you, recording your audio, you can't delete information other people share about you, the company can share your personal information without notifying you and you can't just delete your account. It seems clear that the company is gearing up to monetize the platform and it will be interesting to see how more Clubhouse users react to it.

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