The discussion around existence of aliens gets a little more details as scientists have captured some mysterious radio signals from space. A team of astronomers managed to trace Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, from a spiral galaxy that resembles our own but 500 million light-years away. This development has raised speculations from unknown natural phenomena to alien life. There is no clarity where exactly the sounds are coming from but there are further studies being done on what must have caused this sounds and is there any presence of extra-terrestrials in outer space. Aliens Living on Other Planets? New Study Says Extraterrestrial Life Present on 4 Earth-Like Planets.

The first FRB, called FRB 121102 or R1, was reported in 2012. The second, nicknamed R2, was discovered in 2018, The recently discovered repeating FRB has a different source from the previous one, CNN reported. What Will First Contact With Aliens be Like? Harvard Astronomer Gives an Idea About Extra-terrestrial Creatures.

"Identifying the host galaxy for FRBs is critical to tell us about what kind of environments FRBs live in, and thus what might actually be producing FRBs. This is a question for which scientists are still grasping at straws," said Sarah Burke-Spolaor, assistant professor of physics and astronomy and co-author on a new paper in Nature.

Meanwhile, it remains a mystery from where FRBs are coming from. They are extremely brief spikes in electromagnetic radiation traced by radio telescopes and last not more than few milliseconds. But at that time, they release energy more than 500 suns. Most of the FRBs detected till date have only appeared once.

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