Pink Moon 2019: Know Date, Time And Everything About April's Full Moon on Good Friday
Pink moon (Photo Credits: File Image)

Moon lovers and stargazers, it's time to turn your eyes up to the skies again to watch another beautiful lunar spectacle on the night of Friday 19. Called as the Pink Moon, the phenomenon will occur on the night of Good Friday. The April Full Moon will begin shortly after midday, and while the name says 'Pink moon', the moon won't appear literally pink. The Pink Moon phenomenon has been written in the Old Farmer's Almanac. The year 2019 began with a wonderful spectacle of Super Blood Wolf Moon and while the Pink Moon may not match up to the same delight, let us tell you more about it the date, time and more about the lunar spectacle. Super Snow Moon 2019 Pictures: Check First Glimpses of The Biggest Supermoon of The Year.

Date and Time of April's Pink Moon

The April Pink Moon is actually the full moon in the month of April. It can be observed on the night of April 19, which is Good Friday. The moon will reach its Full Moon phase at 11.12 am UTC. In India, people can observe the full phase 4:21 am IST.

Why Pink Moon?

The name Pink Moon may get you to believe the earth's satellite will be seen with a pinkish tinge, but that's not the case. The name is deceiving as the moon will appear just as bright as it does on a full moon day. The colour of the moon will be bright orange and turn a bit yellow in the later phase. At its peak, the Pink Moon will appear clearly bright white. Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019: Pictures and Videos of Chandra Grahan From All Around the World Will Mesmerise You.

Watch the video below:

This specific name of the moon has been given by the Native Americans. It is named after the pink phlox flower, an early spring bloom. Since the moon appears in the spring season, it too gets its name from the flower. In some parts of the world, it is also called the Egg Moon. Since the full moon appears on a Good Friday. So if you are a selenophile or a lover of the moon, then you should definitely not miss this beautiful sight of April full moon.