Sex With Aliens? People Have Had Strangest Encounters With Extra-Terrestrials, From Losing Virginity to Abduction by Them
Alien life encounter (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

While scientists are struggling with continuous efforts and research to find a definite trace of aliens, there are some people who have had strangest encounters with extra-terrestrials. It is not about spotting UFOs but a lot further than that. One of them is a man called David Huggins has had the strangest encounter ever! UFO lover Huggins made it to the headlines with his claims of sex with aliens. He apparently was abducted and lost his virginity to a busty extra-terrestrial called Crescent in his teenage. He claims that he has fathered several extra-terrestrial babies and that Crescent still visits him. But well, Huggins is not the only one. There are people who have had a strange encounter, which science is far from fathoming. Russian Time-Traveller Claims He Met Aliens and Spoke to Them About the Earth, See Video to Know What Extraterrestrials Think of Us!

David Huggins shocked people with his claims and to showcase it to the world, he even made paintings of his encounter with busty Crescent. He had described his sexual arousal on seeing Crescent and how he lost his virginity to her. He made several raunchy paintings to depict his sexual encounter with the alien. Today, Huggins is 75 but he has had not one but many encounters in his life with the non-planetary life. Sex With Ghost? New Zealand Woman Claims She is Making Out with Her Dead Boyfriend's Spirit.

Another abduction by aliens encounter was experienced by Myriame Belmyr, a computer engineer. She says that aliens had abducted her as a little girl and it still happens sometimes. She has some unexplained marks on her body, which are nowhere close to injury marks. One of the marks was three coined shapes bruises on her thigh. She later became the head of a group which discusses abduction by extra-terrestrials. Gerry Battles experienced an abduction by aliens on a ship in December 2001. He believes that he was chosen to send a message that the earth will end with giant asteroid hit 800 years later.

All of these people who have had severe encounters with the extra-terrestrials are believers of the theory that aliens are using human sperms to create a hybrid race. One of the believers Hillary Potter was quoted to The Sun, "They are trying to make alien-human hybrids and it seems the genetic material of these races are more compatible." Potter has also had an abduction experience and says she often wakes up with bloody marks on her clothes.