Solar Eclipse 2019: When And How to Watch Live Streaming of Surya Grahan in India
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The world will witness a total solar eclipse on Tuesday, July 2. The upcoming solar eclipse, also known as Surya Grahan in Hindi, could last for four minutes and 33 seconds. A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun is covered totally by the shadow of the moon. The Pacific Ocean, Chile and Argentina will get a great look at a total solar eclipse on July 2. Skywatchers in India will have to depend on live streaming by different platforms to watch July's solar eclipse. Total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019: Here's the List of Countries From Where the Celestial Event Will be Visible.

The total solar eclipse will take place at 16.55 UTC ie 10.25 pm on July 2 in India. A partial solar eclipse will be visible from Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay given the weather is conducive. Since it is going to be night time in India, it won't be visible for those living in the Indian subcontinent. Skywatchers in India can watch live streaming of the upcoming solar eclipse on YouTube here. Know Date, Timings, Where and How to Watch The Celestial Event of Surya Grahan.

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How to Watch the Solar Eclipse?

People should never look at the solar eclipse directly. Get special eclipse glasses through which you can look at the sun and not get your eyes hurt or face irritation. You can also check if certain observatories nearby are holding a special event to observe the celestial event. They have good equipment, telescopes and pinhole cameras through which you can watch the solar eclipse.