UFO Spotted in China? Videos And Pictures of Bright Lights Spark Talks on Alien Life
UFO spotting (Photo Credits: UFO Today, YouTube)

Pictures and videos of UFOs sighted over the skies in China have gone viral on the internet. Chinese residents claimed to have seen mysterious white lights in the sky of Chongqing earlier this week. Social media platforms in the country are abuzz with pictures and videos captured showing bright dots moving in a line as one disappeared and another emerged. While the pictures have sparked rumours of aliens, a UFO expert claimed that the video clip could be of 'a rocket zooming into the atmosphere'.

The pictures of UFO were posted on Weibo, a social media platform like Twitter used in China. The videos also show several orange-red lights moving in a line. While some Chinese social media users claimed that it looked like a cell splitting in the sky, while others said it showed extra-terrestrial life. Some Weibo users claimed that they saw similar patterns above cities in Shanghai in east China and Xinjiang Autonomous Region in north-west China.

Meanwhile, Science blogger, known as 'Steed's scarf' said that the lights were of a plane and showed its navigation lights. His post reads, "If you watch the footage carefully, the lights actually appeared in pairs. It came from a dark-coloured aircraft, so it was difficult to spot. The lights appeared a few seconds on the camera but as the plane kept moving, another pair of lights appeared. So it looks like one following each other."

Watch the video here:

Daily Mail quoted British UFO expert Nigal Watson, the author of Haynes UFO Investigations Manual that the footage 'could be of a rocket zooming into the atmosphere'.  He further said, "The pulses of light are either blasts from its engines or reflections. Similar lights were filmed elsewhere in China, suggesting it was something of this nature." The Chinese government of authorities have not commented on it yet.