2020 was the year of the ecommerce boom. As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, millions of us switched to buying items online, and the ecommerce industry enjoyed eight years of growth in just 12 months. We Do Ecom For You is an innovative new brand helping entrepreneurs seize the opportunity and become financially independent.

At some point in the last 18 months, we have all purchased something online, and the world of ecommerce is enjoying an unprecedented boom. Understanding the potential that ecommerce will offer over the coming years, former engineering graduate Scott Barrie launched We Do Ecom For You in 2018.

The innovative brand has been designed to help budding investors launch their own automated ecommerce business. Knowing the importance of time in this fast-paced world, Scott and his team take on all of the required work of running an ecommerce brand, allowing the investors to enjoy financial freedom while maintaining their current job roles.

Leveraging drop shipping methods, We do Ecom For You takes the stress out of starting your own business, and the company has set its sights on helping 5,000 people to achieve financial freedom.

Scott Barrie added, “The potential of ecommerce and the digital world is huge, and here at We Do Ecom For You, our mission is to help people unlock these unique benefits. My driving force is to help other entrepreneurs discover the same financial freedom that I have been able to enjoy, letting them say goodbye to the dreaded 9-5 rat race.

Our clients need no experience in the world of ecommerce; we will take care of everything for them – ensuring they can enjoy all of the benefits without needing to worry about how to begin!”