The news of US President Donald Trump contracting COVID-19 caused a buzz all over. The President got treated and returned to the White House. News about his health update had everyone stuck to their screens or on social media. Amid this, a lot of fake news made its way on the internet. One of them being a screenshot of a tweet from Donald Trump's account that reads, "My blood IS the vaccine!!!" This tweet does not appear on Trump's timeline and is not even in the archives. Twitter archive shows that this tweet was never posted. Fact checker Snopes confirmed that it was a fake tweet. Meanwhile, another picture that supposedly showed a screenshot of a television appearance in which US President Donald Trump said doctors praised how his body had killed coronavirus is going viral on social media. The screengrab showed Donald Trump quoted as saying when doctors tested his DNA, "it was not DNA but USA”. The fake quote with Trump's image is reportedly uploaded by the Twitter account ‘Out of Context Earth’, which calls itself as “parody”.